This is a question we’re entirely confident we can answer here at Albuquerque Custom Tint, stated simply and crudely: because tinted windows are awesome. I mean why else does every athlete, celebrity, and rich person tint there windows? But for those of you who want to get a bit more scientific, we have a few explanations for you my friends.

It’s Easy on the Eyes

The previous statement actually has a double meaning—who knew custom window tinting could be so poetic. It’s easy on the eyes from an external standpoint and an internal. In other words, it looks good and it’s good for your eyes. UV rays from the sun can be deleterious to your eyesight, and window tinting can mitigate some of the damage. What’s more, a car with tinted windows looks beautiful. It provides that sleek, suave look that says I’m someone important and successful.

Preservation of the Interior

Another advantage of window tinting is that it reduces the impact the sun has on your car. No doubt it will keep your interior looking clean and fresh much longer. If you have a leather interior, then window tinting is almost a must. There have been numerous studies by experts in the business proving that tinted windows preserve the interior of your car.

Call the Professionals Today

When it comes to tinted windows, there’s only one company in Albuquerque who distinguishes itself from the pack—Albuquerque Custom Tint. We treat every window like it belongs to one of our own cars. We like to think of window films like a nice pair of sunglasses that protects your eyes while making you look cool in the process.