When choosing to tint your glass or windows there is only one clear choice in New Mexico—Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass Inc. Our trade mark panorama window film blocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. Not only does Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass Panorama window film protect against the sun, but our thin film blocks outsiders from looking in while allowing insiders to look out. Our smooth panorama window film will make any office building sleeker and shinier, cozier and cooler.

One element of protection provided by panorama window film is that it deters burglars and thieves from identifying your building as a potential target. If they can’t see what is in the building, how can they know what to steal? But custom glass and window tint also protects against a more insidious and subtle foe, the sun. Harmful UV rays are a very real threat to human health that is often ignored. Utilizing our Panorama window film will block out 99% of UV rays which are surely troublesome to human health. And not only does our panorama window film protect the people it shades, it also has beneficial effects on furnishing, dry wall, and utilities like computers. In a sense our window film is like a giant pair of sunglasses shading all it encompasses from the scorching sun.

Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass has more to boast of than a history of successful enterprise and reliable service; we are also proponents of health and safety and creators of comfort. When tinting we provide the utmost level of care and concern with this in mind. We know that there is more on the line than the job itself. There is the health and safety of everyone whoever enters the building at stake. We rest easy assured knowing that we are screen, a filter, keeping good light in and bad light out.