Winter can be pleasant in Albuquerque, but it gets cold here, too. When temperatures drop, here’s a cost effective remedy to make your home or office more comfortable while reducing your energy bill: Have your home or office windows tinted with high quality Panorama® window film expertly installed by Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass.

Several things must be considered in choosing the right Panorama® product for you. Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass can advise you about which window film will work best for your situation.

Panorama® window film does more than keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Here are some other benefits Panorama®window tinting provides.

Glare and Fading

When the low setting sun throws spears of harsh light through your windows, blinding you isn’t the only result. The sun’s rays can damage your furnishings, fading them and damaging the fabrics. Panorama® window films block 99 percent of the sun’s ultra violet light. With Panorama® window film, you won’t need curtains or blinds, which ruin your view and diminish natural light.


Panorama® window film will also block prying eyes, and that means more privacy and security for you and your family. If thieves or vandals can’t see into your space they are less likely to break in.

Your Special Look

Another benefit of Panorama® window films is style. You have a choice of colors and tints. You can have a treatment that is optically clear or a reflective film that enhances the appearance of your home or office in subtle or dramatic ways.

Product Choices

Panorama® Hilite window film offers more performance, and it is undetectable on the windows. It also provides temperature control and UV protection. Panorama® Sterling offers protection from the sun’s damaging rays while allowing more visible light to enter your space. This product is also undetectable and comes in a variety of colors, from light tints to darker colors. This film also has a gentle reflective finish on the exterior.

Make Your Choice

Albuquerque Custom Tint and Class can help you choose the perfect Panorama® product for you. Call today and let us help you achieve your window treatment goals. Our professionals will install the product of your choice and we offer a comprehensive product warranty.